Delusion Of ‘Hole’ Into Abdomen Through Umbilicus – An ‘Aloes’ Case



ALOES contains large amounts of phytochemicals containing sulphur in their functional groups. This fact is amply corroborated by the wonderful similarities of aloes and sulphur symptoms. Based on this knowledge, I use aloes in many acute and chronic cases that have constitutional symptoms of sulphur.

Since aloes is very commonly used by me, I have hundreds of successful aloes cases in my archives. But here I am presenting a case that demonstrates how ‘rare sensations’ could be used for selecting a perfect similimum.

A man, 68 ys old. Complaints of bleeding piles and prostatitis. Hot patient, lean, unhygeinic, very loquacious, philosophical- Typical sulphur constitution. Much case taking is not needed to prescribe sulphur once we see him and talk to him.

But, he gave a very peculiar symptom. He says he has violent itching in umbilicus for many rears, with some moisture discharging from it. I suspected some fungal infections there.

But he says, there is a ‘hole’ into his abdomen through his umbilicus. He says he can feel hot air coming out of this ‘hole’. He pressed around umbilicus to ‘show’ me the ‘air coming out of his abdomen through that hole’.

I was fully convinced that he had a a strong delusion of ‘hole in umbilicus’. I hoped it could be used as a pivotol symptom that may lead to his similimum. So, I started hunting for an appropriate rubric in repertories. I could not find such a delusion any where in ‘mind’. Finally, I located the following rubric that seemed to be most near:

[Kent]Abdomen : PERFORATION, region of navel, sensation of:- Aloe.

Only ALOES!. That too in single mark. But, to my wonder, I noticed that all his other symptoms related with prostatitis, backache, bleeding piles etc were well fitting to aloes. More over, he was of typical sulphur constitution also.

I decided to try ALOES only, to see how it acts. Aloes 30 bds was given, with instant relief for his rectal bleeding and prostate pains. Same prescription was given for 3 months continuously, which cured all his complaints, as well as ‘delusions’. After 3 months, fully convinced of the action of ALOES, I gave few doses of sulphur also, hoping it would help in a ‘total cure’ as ‘constitutional similimum’. It was a happy, total cure! Now it is two years, and he always keep in touch with me, occasionally escorting his grandchildren to me.

About Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.
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