Nash’s Leaders For Skin Complaints- Compiled Using Similimum Ultra Software


Skin dry, burning hot, intense thirst for cold water, red face, sometimes changing with paleness.

Burning, itching, redness and swelling as from frost- bites.

Eruptions of miliary rash in patches of dark, almost livid colors, mostly on forehead and face; returns very slowly after disappearing on pressure.

Pustular eruption; or confluent, face, mouth, and fauces, oesophagus, stomach, jejunum, genitals.

·Carbuncles with burning, stinging pains.
·Skin usually white and almost transparent (ovarian dropsy).
·Urticaria like bee stings or stings of other insects, with intolerable itching at night.

Malignant scarlatina, dark red, sore throat, parotid and cervical glands much swollen; skin red, with miliary rash or faintly developed eruptions.

In carbuncle, malignant ulcer and complaints, with ulceration, sloughing and intolerable burning, black or blue blisters.

Ecchymosis on skin as from bruises.

Bran-like, scaly eruptions with itching and burning; the latter increased by scratching and followed by bleeding.

Ulcers with high hard edges, sensitive to touch, easily bleeding, pus profuse, greenish, thin, offensive, even ichorous.

Jaundice with alternative black and white stools.

Skin is so hot it burns the hand to touch.

·Slow development of rash in eruptive fevers, or sudden receding of rash, causing respiratory or meningeal troubles or dropsy.
·Pricking sensation in skin is very characteristic. (Guernsey.)

Blue color of the body with terrible cardiac anxiety and icy coldness of the surface.
Regional Leaders : SKIN : Carbol. ac

Vesicular eruption all over the body, which itches excessively; better after rubbing, but leaving a burning pain.

Old ulcers originating in a blister, with burning or itching.

·Excessive, most painful sensitiveness of the skin of the whole body, even of the palms of the hands.
·Yellow color of skin, jaundice.

Elevated eruption as large as peas on face or hands, with burning pain when touched; later becomes confluent.

·Measley spots on skin with dry heat at night; over- excitability and weeping.
·Would like to scratch or rub the part but it is too sensitive.

Yellow color of whole body, malignant jaundice; dark haemorrhages from nose, mouth, etc.; dark, scanty urine.

Vesicular eruptions, itching intensely, relieved by gentle scratching, aggravated by hard.

·Violent itching all over body, without any visible eruption.
·Jaundice with white stools, and intense itching on the skin.

·Dropsical affections, after suppression of sweat by damp, cold air.
·Nettle-rash, with much itching; after scratching in burns; increases in warmth, disappears in cold, with gastric fever.
·Tetters oozing a watery fluid, bleed after scratching.
·Small furuncles on places formerly hurt by concussion.

·Old cicatrices become inflamed around the edges and itch violently.
·Naevus or birth-marks on children.

Itching eruption from which oozes a watery, sticky fluid in many parts of the body.

·Skin affections very sensitive to touch, the pain often causing fainting.
·Suppuration of long inflammed boils on the body, or on the limbs, commencing with blisters; every cut or hurt suppurates.
·Stinging, burning edges of ulcers, smell of old cheese, little pimples or smooth ulcers surround the principal ulceration
·Any trouble occurring on skin when there is a great sensitiveness to touch.

Ulceration deep as if cut out with a punch

Sore spots become fungoid, dark red, brownish, ulcers, rash, carbuncles and turn black or bluish

·Long remaining discoloration after injuries; “black or blue” spots turn green.
·To prevent or remove black and blue spots after blows.
·Stings of insects, especially mosquitoes; punctured wounds.

·Round ulcers of an impure, lardaceous surface, with inflammed, elevated and turned up edges, with pricking pains.
·Round spots shining through the skin, of a coppery red color.
·Flat, painless ulcers, pale, covered with a phelgm-like pus on scalp, the skin of penis, etc.
·Burning pains in exostosis at night.
·Itching all over, worse at night when warm in bed.

·Herpes zoster with intercostal neuralgia < at night in warmth of bed.
·Ulcers easily bleeding, sensitive, painful at night; thick, whitish, yellow scabs, under which thick yellow pus collects; burning, itching vesicles around the ulcers.

After great bodily exertion an itching nettle-rash appears.

Jaundice with alternative black and white stools.

Ulcers with stinging and pricking as of splinters; exuberant granulation.

Skin dry, cool, very sensitive to cold, moist air.

Chronic, moist eczema; parts seem excoriated, especially if worse in winter.

·Polypi, erectile tumors, ulcers, etc., which bleed easily.
·Little ulcers outside the large one.

·Intolerable itching from getting warm in the evening or bed, scratches until it bleeds.
·Psoric constitutions, especially where other remedies fail to improve permanently; lack of reaction.
·Evil consequences of suppressed itch, especially after large doses of sulphur, if the patient is hopeless, despairing of recovery.

Blister-like eruptions, especially in the palms of the hands.

Vesicles discharging a yellowish, transparent fluid, which hardens to a crust; excessive itching.

Vesicular erysipelas, swelling and inflammation, phlegmonous.

·Itching when undressing, uncovering or becoming exposed to cold air (Hep., Nat. sul., Olean.).
·Itching or vesicular eruption; itching worse when undressing or from exposure to cool air.

Sensation of something creeping under the skin.

·Brown or reddish liver-spots on skin.
·Specific in herpes circinatus.

Abscesses, with violent pains driving one to madness (especially in left hip).

·Voluptuous itching, scratching relieves, after it burning; sometimes little vesicles.
·After violent scratching, aching, numbness of skin and swelling of skin even ulceration.

Blue spots like ecchymosis; tendency to gangrene after a bruise.

Boils, abscesses, felons, or swellings of any kind,tissues bluish with “atrocious” burning pains.

·Sycosis bears the same relation to fig-warts, condylomata and wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces that Sulphur does to psora, or Mercury to syphilis.
·Wart shaped excrescences here and there, especially on hands and genitals.

·Urticaria; the skin becomes elevated, with a white central spot and a red areola, with stinging and burning, relieved by rubbing.
·Red raised blotches, itching and burning, requires constant rubbing.


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