Grading of Rubrics- An Essential Preparatory Step For Correct Repertorization

grade rubric

If you are repertorizing using conventional TOTALITY METHOD method, GRADING OF RUBRICS is an essential part of ‘preparing’ rubrics. Inappropriate and drugs may come to the top of the list by the support of mere numbers contributed by comparatively less consequent symptoms , if we do not grade rubrics according to their real value and assign weightage marks to each rubric. This WEIGHTAGE marks should be based on GRADES of individual rubrics, decided by the physician on the basis of whether the rubric is ‘uncommon’ or ‘common’ (abnormal or normal), mentals, physical generals or different levels of ‘particulars’. Repertorization results will only mislead us, if this essential task is ignored or inappropriately done.

Similimum Ultra- Homeopathic Software provides a very scientific, systematic and user-friendly digital tool for GRADING OF RUBRICS. After appropriate rubrics are located and added to the RUBRIC BASKET, we add them to WORK DESK by clicking a button provided on the ‘rubric basket’ window. WORK DESK window appears instantly, with all the rubrics collected in rubric basket displayed on it.

WORK DESK is a platform for ‘preparing’ rubrics for repertorization. COMBINE similar rubrics, GRADE rubrics and REARRANGE rubrics are the essential steps to be done here.

After similar rubrics are ‘combined’ to make single rubrics, select the first rubric in the list and click GRADE RUBRIC button. A ‘grade rubric’ window will pop up. You can decide whether the selected rubric is COMMON, UNCOMMON, GENERAL, PHYSICAL, MENTAL or PARTICULAR. Do it for all the rubrics one by one. Graded rubrics will be transferred to the GRADED RUBRICS listed in lower panel of the window.

Once all the rubrics are by this way graded and transferred to the ‘graded’ list, you can REARRANGE the rubrics by clicking ‘RE-ARRANGE’ button. By this process, rubrics will be rearranged according to their grades and order of importance such as UNCOMMON MENTAL, UNCOMMON PHYSICAL GENERAL, UNCOMMON PARTICULARS, COMMON MENTALS, COMMON PHYSICAL GENERALS and COMMON PARTICULARS. ‘WEIGHTAGE MARKS’ will be assigned to each rubric by the computer in the back ground, which can be added to repertorization marks while displaying reperorization results.

Rubrics are now ready for REPERTORIZATION. You can select appropriate repertorization methods such as ‘totality method’, ‘elimination method’, ‘combined method’, ‘compartmental method’, ‘punch card method’, ‘brick column method’, or ‘shoot out method’, and various protocols now.

About Chandran Nambiar K C

I am Chandran Nambiar K C Author, REDEFINING HOMEOPATHY Managing Director, Fedarin Mialbs Private Limited Developer. SIMILIMUM ULTRA Homeopathic Software I am not a scientist, academician, scholar, professional homeopath or anybody with 'big credentials', but an old lay man, a retired government servant, who accidentally happened to fall into the deep waters of the great ocean of homeopathic knowledge during his fiery teenage years, and was destined to live a whole life exploring the mysteries of that wonderful world with unending enthusiasm. My interest in homeopathy happened very accidentally when I was only 20 years old UNDERGRADUATE ZOOLOGY student, through a constant relationship with a local practitioner who happened to be father of my classmate. I was a regular visitor in his clinic, where from I started reading BOERICKE MATERIA MEDICA and other homeopathic books, which helped me to cure myself my troublesome asthma that have been haunting me since my childhood days. I became a voracious reader of homeopathy.
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